variable in algebra formula

variable in algebra formula

Variable in algebra formula we use variable in algebra a, b, c. d, ……….x, y, z most commonly use variable a, b, c, d and x, y, real world problem use variable in humane age, computer, agriculture markets value problem, Dollar up and down condition, construction building material, estimate under market value. We use variable in algebra formula to solve easy, problem of life.

variable in algebra formula

Constant Value:

We use constant value with variable, For example ax = 5x here a=5 When variable x value given that For example x= 4

then ax = 5(4) = 20



One egg price is 30 rupees, Tell 50 egg price here a= 30 is constant value x = 50 is variable

ax = 30(50)=1500

ax = 1500 rupees


x+8= 25

fined the value of x

here x= 17


we have quadratic equation 2x²+8=0 if we put the value x=1 and x=2 

2(1)²+8 =10 result putting value x=1

2(2)²+8=16 result putting value x=2

keep in mind : variable is a changer quantity

Square of a +b =( a+b)²=a²+2ab+b²

if we put value of a =1 and value of b=4

a, is a variable and b is a variable


(1+4)²= (1)²+2(1)(4)+(4)²

25  =  25

if we change the value of a and b variable automatically result change

Q: 1

6x +7 =8 

what is the value of x


6x +17 =80 

what is the value of x


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