Sexagesimal system Degree minute second

Sexagesimal system Degree minute second

Sexagesimal system Degree minute second: If the initial ray OA Rotates in anticlockwise direction in such a way that it coincides with itself, the angle then formed is said to be of 360 degree (360°)

Sexagesimal system Degree minute second

(1) one rotation = 360°

means one circle in anticlockwise

(2) 1/2 rotation = 180°

means half circle anticlockwise

(3) 1/4 rotation= 90°

mean quarter circle anticlockwise

Sexagesimal system Degree minute second:

(i)one degree means mathematical sign (1°) is divided into 60 minutes means mathematical sign (60′).

(ii) One minute (1′) mean one rotation is divided into 60 seconds mathematical sign (60”).

As this system of measurement of angle own its origin

to the English and because 90, 60 are multiplies of 6 and 10, so it is known as English system. Or Sexagesimal system

Angle for all trigonometry

1 rotation (anticlockwise)= 360°

One degree (1°) = 60′

One minute (1′)= 60″


Title: Sexagesimal System: Degree, Minute, and Second

In the sexagesimal system, degrees, minutes, and seconds are used to measure angles and coordinate locations on a sphere. This system divides a circle into 360 degrees, each degree into 60 minutes, and each minute into 60 seconds. It provides a precise and widely accepted means of expressing angular measurements.

keep in mind r and l are measured in tern of the same unit and the radian measure in unit less, that is always a real number.


If r = 3 cm and l = 6 cm


θ = l / r = 6/ 3 =2

θ = 2