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WhatsApp: Top 10 Hidden Features You Should Know About

WhatsApp is among the most used messaging apps around the world, with over two billion users. While a lot of users are familiar with the basic functions of WhatsApp, like sending messages or making video and voice call, as well as sharing videos There are a variety of additional features that will enhance your experience. This article will highlight the most popular 10 features hidden in WhatsApp that you need to be aware of.

1.Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp launched disappearing messaging in order to increase security. When enabled, messages within the chat disappear after 7 days. This feature can be enabled by opening a chat, clicking on the name of the contact and clicking “Disappearing Messages.”

2. Custom Notifications

If you’d like to know who’s messaging you and not look at your phone you can set individual notifications for certain contacts. Visit the contact’s profile page and choose “Custom Notifications” to set specific tones and patterns of vibration.

3. Starred Messages

Important messages are easily lost in lengthy conversations. WhatsApp lets you “star” messages for quick access in the future. Press the message long, then press the one you wish to highlight and then click to show the icon of a star. Find all the messages you have starred through Settings > Starred messages.

4. Pin Chats

Keep important conversations on top of your list of chats by pin them. Tap the chat you wish to save (for iOS) or long press it (for Android), then tap the pin icon. This will ensure that your most important conversations are always available.

5. Read Receipts Control

If you value your security, WhatsApp offers the option to block read receipts. This will prevent others from knowing whether you’ve read their messages. You can go to Account Settings > Privacy and turn off “Read Receipts.” Also, this disables the receipt of reads for sent messages.

6. Broadcast Lists

Broadcast lists let you send a message to a variety of contacts without having to create the group chat. This is ideal for sending invitations or announcements. Visit the Chats screen, then tap the menu and then select “New broadcast.” Add your contacts and transmit your message.

7. WhatsApp Web and Desktop App

It is possible to use WhatsApp on your PC by scanning QR codes through WhatsApp Web or the desktop application. This can be useful for writing long messages, or managing chats when working on computers. Simply go to web.whatsapp.com using your web browser, launch WhatsApp on your phone and then scan your QR code.

8. Two-Step Verification

Improve your security on your account by activating two-step verification. It requires a six-digit pin when you register your mobile number on WhatsApp again. You can activate this feature by going the Settings menu > Account > Two step verification and follow the directions.

9. Message Yourself

WhatsApp lets you contact yourself, which is a useful feature for writing notes or reminders, or even saving URLs. Just open a chat, choose your personal contact, and then start messaging.

10. Hidden Chats (Archive)

Make sure your chats are clutter-free by archiving chats you do not have to use frequently. You can swipe left on an existing conversation (iOS) or press long the chat (Android) and then select “Archive.” The archived chats are accessible by scrolling up to at the very top of the list, and pressing “Archived.”


These features that aren’t readily apparent on WhatsApp can greatly enhance the experience of messaging, offering greater control, more privacy, and a more comfortable. If you’re a casual user or rely in large part on this app for communications These suggestions can assist you in getting the most benefit from WhatsApp. Test them out and see what they can do to improve your interactions with this popular app.

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