Top5 New Telegram Mining Projects

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N01:The TapSwap Mining Bot:


TapSwap launched its mining bot to help to encourage liquidity provision via its system. The mining bot is able to automate the process of introducing liquidity to specific trade pairs that are on TapSwap which allows users to earn rewards easily. Here’s how it works

  1. Connecting Your wallet In order to earn through TapSwap’s mining bot TapSwap mining machine, the users must connect their cryptocurrency wallets that are compatible on the website. This lets the bot access and manage tokens inside the wallet of the user.
  2. Picking an Pool The user can choose from a variety of liquidity pools that are available on TapSwap. They typically comprise of two different tokens joined together for example, BNB/ETH and BTC/USD. Each pool could provide different rewards as well as the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) rates.
  3. depositing tokens When an option is made the users will deposit an equal amount of both tokens into the pool of liquidity. For instance when a user selects the BNB/ETH pool they will be required to deposit a similar amount of BNB and ETH.
  4. earning rewards When customers contribute money to pools of liquidity, they start to earn rewards in the shape of the native token of TapSwap, or other rewards. The rewards are distributed in a proportional manner depending on the contribution of the user in the pools
  5. Reward Withdrawal Users are able to withdraw their earnings anytime, usually through their wallets and initiating a withdrawal.

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No2:Memefi Coin Bot :


Participating in the community 

Members are able to become part of to the Memefi Coin Bot community by using the platform’s the supported messaging applications. Once inside, they get access to a lively group of meme lovers as well as crypto enthusiasts.

  1. Making Memefi Coins: Memefi Coin Bot provides users with Memefi Coins (MEME) for different actions like posting memes or sharing and liking content, taking part in contests or specific tasks. Memefi Coins can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies or used to access Memefi’s Memefi ecosystem.
  2. Participation in the Community Memefi Coin Bot thrives on the community interaction. The users are encouraged communicate with one another and share their most loved memes, engage in discussions and contribute to the overall energy of the community.
  3. Tokenomics It is the Memefi Coin Bot platform is run by tokenomics that aim to encourage the participation of users and rewards community members. As more users sign up and interact with the platform The value of Memefi coins could grow, creating more opportunities to earn for users.

Strategies for Maximizing Earnings:

  • Active Participation Engage frequently within members of the Memefi Coin Bot community by posting memes, taking part in discussions, and submitting valuable content.
  • Final Tasks Be on the look out for challenges or tasks provided by Memefi Coin Bot because they often include additional rewards or rewards.
  • Stay informed Keep up-to-date with announcements, contests and events happening within Memefi. Memefi community to make the most of the new earning opportunities.
  • Network Effect: Encourage your friends and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts to sign up for to join the Memefi Coin Bot community, because a greater number of users will result in greater reward points and a more vibrant community.

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No3:Hamster Kombat Telegram Mining Bot Works:


  1. Joining the Telegram Group: Users can join the dedicated Telegram group associated with the Hamster Kombat Telegram Mining Bot. Once inside, they gain access to the bot’s features and community.
  2. Engaging in Games: The bot offers a variety of entertaining games featuring adorable hamster characters from the Hamster Kombat universe. From simple puzzles to arcade-style challenges, there’s something for every gamer to enjoy.
  3. Mining Crypto: As users play games and interact with the bot, they earn rewards in the form of crypto tokens, often referred to as Hamster Coins (HAM). The more active and engaged a user is within the platform, the greater their potential earnings.
  4. Community Interaction: The Hamster Kombat Telegram Mining Bot fosters a lively community of gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Users can interact with each other, compete in leaderboards, share gaming tips, and participate in community events and challenges.

Strategies for Maximizing Earnings:

  • Stay Active: Engage regularly with the bot by playing games, participating in challenges, and interacting with the community to maximize your earnings potential.
  • Explore Different Games: Try out the various games offered by the bot to discover which ones suit your preferences and skill level.
  • Compete in Leaderboards: Aim to climb the leaderboards by achieving high scores and completing challenges, as this often comes with additional rewards.
  • Invite Friends: Encourage friends and fellow gamers to join the Telegram group and participate in the Hamster Kombat Telegram Mining Bot activities, as referrals may earn you bonus rewards.

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No5:Yescoin Telegram Mining Bot :


  1. joining with the Telegram Group Members have access to the Yescoin Telegram Mining Bot by joining the exclusive Telegram group on the platform. In this group, users can communicate with the bot and investigate its features.
  2. Engaging in activities The bot provides various interactive activities that are designed to make users feel entertained, while mining cryptocurrency. The activities could include puzzles, quizzes and surveys, and even chat-based games for casual play.
  3. Mining Yescoin (YES): In the course of their participation in various activities and interact in conversation with the robot, they earn Yescoin (YES) tokens to use as rewards. Quantity of currency they earn can vary depending on various factors like activity levels as well as participation in special events and the level of community involvement.
  4. Communication with the Community This feature of the Yescoin Telegram Mining Bot fosters a lively crowd of enthusiasts for crypto on the Telegram platform. Users can meet people who share similar interests, exchange information and join in discussions on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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No5:Sweatcoin Mining App Works:

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  1. Installation and Installation and The process begins with downloading the Sweatcoin Mining App on their smartphones and registering an account. The app is typically integrated with fitness tracking tools like steps counters, or GPS for precise monitoring of your physical exercise.
  2. Mining via Moving When users take part in physical activities, such as running, walking as well as cycling the application detects their movement and transforms it into Sweatcoins (SWC). Every step they take contributes to the process of mining, slowly increasing the amount of cryptocurrency earned over the course of time.
  3. Making Sweatcoins This Sweatcoin Mining app provides users with Sweatcoins according to the duration and intensity of their exercise. They can be used to purchase Sweatcoins can be exchanged for various benefits, such as discounts on fitness equipment and gadgets, as well as experiences or even exchanged into other currencies.
  4. Communities and Competitions The app creates an active community of users who can share their achievements in fitness, take part in challenges, and encourage each other on their wellness journeys. Challenges could include walking group goals and virtual races as well as competitions in fitness, further encouraging active lifestyles and community engagement.

Strategies for Maximizing Earnings:

  • Stay active Integrate regular exercise into your routine to maximize your income. Every step counts towards mining the Sweatcoins.
  • Discover Challenges Join in on contests and challenges for the community to earn additional Sweatcoins, and meet like-minded people.
  • Use Rewards Use Sweatcoins to redeem rewards that match your fitness goals and passions whether it’s fitness equipment fitness products, wellness items or cryptocurrency.
  • Encourage others Invite family members, friends or colleagues to sign up with the community to take on fitness challenges with you. Referral bonuses can lead to higher earnings.

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