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How to hide your WhatsApp Status Online or appear Offline

WhatsApp has grown into a vital tool for communicating that allows users to keep in touch to their family, friends and colleagues from all over the globe. There are occasions that you’d like to keep your privacy intact and maintain be in control of your online presence for a variety of reasons, including to prevent interruptions or to remain discreet. There are many ways to conceal your status online or appear as offline on WhatsApp giving you the freedom and privacy you want.

Method 1. Disable Read Receipts

Its “Read Receipts” feature, marked by blue checkmarks informs senders that messages are read. If you disable this feature, you’ll be able to keep others from knowing that you’ve read their messages, thus keeping a sense of privacy. Here’s how:

  1. Start WhatsApp and navigate there to “Settings.”
  2. Go through “Account” and select “Privacy.”
  3. Switch off “Read Receipts” option.

Be aware that if you disable Read Receipts you’ll also lose the ability to know who has seen your messages.

Option 2: Use Airplane Mode, or disable Internet Connection

One of the most simple ways to appear offline in WhatsApp is by enabling Airplane Mode or disabling your device’s connection to the internet. If your device isn’t linked to the Internet, WhatsApp will not be in a position to update your status online, rendering you invisible to other users. Here’s how:

  1. Scroll downwards towards the upper right corner of your display (or upwards down from below, based on the device you are using) to open your Quick Settings menu.
  2. Allow Airplane Mode or turn off mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  3. You can open WhatsApp for reading or reply to messages, without appearing online.

Make sure to turn off Airplane Mode or re-enable your internet connection once you’re ready to return online.

Method 3 3. Make use of WhatsApp’s Privacy Settings

WhatsApp provides privacy settings built into the app that allow you to restrict who has access to your status online as well as profile photos and updates to your status. By altering the settings you are able to restrict access to certain contacts or hide your status from the public. Here’s how you can customize how you manage privacy:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and then go there to “Settings.”
  2. Go into “Account” and select “Privacy.”
  3. Change your settings to “Last Seen,”” “Profile Photo” along with “Status” depending on your personal preferences.

You can decide to share your status online with all those you know, or not even.

Method 4 Method 4: Use Third-Party Applications (Android Only)

For Android users There are a variety of third-party applications that are available through the Google Play Store which claim to conceal your online status via WhatsApp. They may also offer features like stealth mode that blocks WhatsApp to update your online status, even when you’re using the application. But be cautious when using third-party apps since they can cause privacy or security issues.

Method 5: Schedule Messages (Unofficial Method)

Another method that isn’t official for appearing offline in WhatsApp is to schedule messages to be sent out at certain times with third-party apps or scripts. When you schedule messages for sending out during times when you don’t wish to be on the internet, it is possible to create the illusion that you’re online while conversing with other users.


Being able to control your privacy and your online presence in WhatsApp is crucial for a lot of users. You may want to keep your profile clear of distractions, keep a low image, or want to enjoy uninterrupted time off There are a variety of options that allow you to conceal your online status or appear to be offline on WhatsApp. Utilizing the built-in privacy settings and disable reading Receipts and briefly disconnecting yourself from internet access, you are able to make the most of your online presence and be able to communicate at your own pace.

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