least common prime factor

least common prime factor

Least common factor prime means two or more number divided the common number such that 4 and 16 we have the smallest prime number 2 which divided the number 4 and 16 at the same time.

After dividing the number 4 and 16 by prime common factor 2.and saver number 2 and 8.

Then again we divide 2 and 8 by same number 2.and saver number is 1 and 4 other we cannot divide the common factor.

Then the resulting least common prime factor of 4 and 16.  Is 2 ×2 = 4


First we take the factor 4 and 16 then we see the prime factor of 4 and 16

4 has factors 1,2,4

16 has factors 1,2,4,8,16


we see that the factor of 4 and 16

4 has factored only 2

16 has factors also only 2


we see that the common p factor 4 and 16 is 2


We divide these number 4 and 16 from factor by 2 processes again and again by prime factor 2.


We fined the least common factor (L. C. M) of 15 and 21 by using the prime factor method.


least common prime factor


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