circle of diameter symbol example

Circle of  diameter symbol example

Diameter is a line passes through the center of the circle and connect these point center of the circle. Center of circle divided by two part  one *(1)is radius of circle and 1 + 1 is the diameter of the circle. Circle of diameter symbol example, we explain it.

Circle of diameter symbol  ø example

Ø  is a symbol of diameter, this symbol is expressed in engineering to represent the diameter for calculation and specification for length.


A Ø 50 mm means the diameter of the circle is 50 mm

Line of Diameter(ø)of a Circle :

Which straight line segment that diameter of a circle  passes through  the center of the circle, which line has  an end point on the circumstance of the circle. Chord of the circle is also known as diameter of the circle

Diameter circle  Definition:

Always, diameter is defined as  twice  of  radius of the circle.  We take the radius from the center of the circle for measurement to one end point to the circle. And we take diameter for measurement of two end point of the circle, the diameter line always passing through the center.

In mathematic, diameter is also denoted by capital letter D.A circle has infinite on circumstance of cycle of circle. This is cleared that a circle has infinite diameter.

Diameter of Circle component:

If we know diameter of circle component. We can easily find  the diameter of the circle. There are two components of diameter of circle.

(i) First, we know that radius (r) of the circle  to one end point of center of the circle.

(ii)  all distance of enclosed boundary of circle, we say it circumstances and denoted it sign capital letter(C)=circumstance

Circumference distance π (PI)

If we know all distance of circle outside (we say it circumstances (C) of circle) we can easily find the diameter of circle and radius of circle, and distance of circle. This formula is dented by  C = π d

where  circumstance = C

Distance of diameter of circle  = d

π = 3.1416 constancy value of circle

from this formula we can find the value of diameter

Diameter of circle D = C/π

Diameter (D) = circumstance of circle /  constant value of circle

Radius for diameter of circle:

if we know that the radius of the center of the circle is 2 then the diameter D) is clearly 4.

We can find the diameter of circle if we know radius or circumstance.

EXAMPLE:  Symbol of diameter  ø example

Ahmad draws a circle of radius 8 unit. What is the circle of the diameter.

Radius  = 8

diameter of the circle is D= 2× radius

diameter of the circle is D= 2× 8  = 16

hence, the diameter of the circle is ø = 16