.55555 is real number

.55555 is real number

.55555 is real number:

All things in the world is real without iota(i) set of natural number, set of whole number, set of integers, set of rational numbers, set of irrational numbers all real numbers in math, but iota is not real it is imaginary number.

In mathematics, real numbers denoted by the mathematical sign

.55555 is real number


Q is rational number and Q’ is irrational number:

.5555 is a rational number.  It is a fractional number. It found in the set of real number. Furthermore, it also can be written in the form of .56 (rounding into two digits.)

.5555 is not a natural number:

By definition of natural number start from 1 to undefined, also natural number are a complete number.

N= {1,2,3,4…}.

.55555is not a whole number:

By definition whole number, these number start from zero and also a complete number.

W= {0,1,2,3,4……………}

hence .55555 is not a whole number

.55555 is not an integer number:

By definition set of inter number, these number start from zero to positive and negative direction 0±1,±2±4……….and also a complete number.

0 complete the positive and negative direction and zero also found the set of integer number.

.55555 is a rational number:

By definition, rational number {x such that p/q and q ≠ 0} where p and q are number.

.55555 can be written in the form 55555/100000